Member Firms

Member Firms are typically the traditional partnership model organisations where promotion of LGBTIQ programs is fundamentally driven through local Partner consensus and engagement rather than a centralised / global corporate strategy. The Partner model presents unique challenges of gaining localised buy-in and executive support. Since its inception, InterFirm has provided an extended network of support for firms to launch or rejuvenate LGBTI strategies and programs. The network provides a level of scale not available to smaller firms.


  • Coordination: two firms ‘co-chair’ coordination, these roles rotate to different firms annually. For 2016/17, the prior year co-chairs will provide counsel and support to the incoming co-chairs for continuity. The co-chairs manage a central email distribution list to member firm Core Members.
  • Core Members: one person from each firm is nominated as a key contact by that firm. Core Members should meet twice annually

Member firms advise name of nominated individual (plus the name of a back-up person in case of leave).

The Membership Obligation

There are no Membership or Administration fees are not charged to member firms, the network is run through the discretionary effort of individuals. The following conditions are intended to help provide ongoing momentum:

• Each firm nominates someone (Core Member) to act as the firm champion and coordinate communications.

• Each member firm agrees to host and fund one Networking or Flagship event per cycle (firms rotate through a 12-18 month calendar)

• Events are communicated internally within each firm in addition to the use of a Facebook Group event notification.