Event Formats

A regular calendar of events provides connectivity to raise the profile of LGBTI professionals, support education / awareness, and provide connectivity to share ideas.


A frequency of one event per month is seen as the most desirable, providing flexibility for individuals to attend around work commitments without a long gap between events that are missed. These may be self- funded or firm-hosted. Please refer to the Calendar.


Flagship events are intended to be a focal point of the network, with the aim of profiling a specific LGBTI- related issue in an informative and entertaining way Flagship events may be scheduled once every 3-6 months, with the intent of repeating the same event on an annual basis. Flagship events would replace the networking event in that calendar month.

Flagship events carry an accolade and award for the ‘winning’ firm. The ‘winner’ may be determined by a range of means, including audience participation (e.g. gold coin or purple note ‘vote’ donation to a charitable organisation). The winning firm holds the accolade until the following year when the event is repeated.

Ideas to explore include:

  • Lavender Gabble: Law debate, with topics provided close to the event. Focus on delivery by younger firm members, coached by senior Partners
  • Great Economics Debate: Chief Economists from each of the large accounting firms battle it out, focusing on an LGBTI-related topic