In addition to email communications (channeled through Core Members for them to distribute within their organisations) a closed Facebook group “InterFirm” has been created.

Core Members should invite people in their firm to search for and join the closed “InterFirm” group, the group administrators (co-chairs) will approve. As there is no way of knowing the employer of people on Facebook due to individual profile privacy, so please do not forward the name of the group outside of the InterFirm network. Because individuals may not have their employer in Facebook generally all requests are accepted.

Event notifications are set up on Facebook, for hosted or flagship events these notifications do not disclose location details. Individuals are given the name of a hosting firm contact to RSVP to events, qualification of member firm email address is a condition of RSVP acceptance.

Self-funded events are open to all Facebook Group members and may include location details.

For individuals not on Facebook, event notifications (invitations) will be sent to Core Members – these may be on-forwarded within that organisation.